Bulge: Americans Command Cards (61x Cards)

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Contains 61 cards to enhance your force, field iconic warriors and customise your units.Command Cards allow Flames Of War generals to field iconic warriors

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Artikelnummer: BF-FW270C
Leverantör: BattleFront

Contains 61 cards to enhance your force, field iconic warriors and customise your units.

Command Cards allow Flames Of War generals to field iconic warriors, build new types of units, field new types of equipment, enhance your commander’s capabilities, and bring new tactics and stratagems to the battlefield.

Command Cards are entirely optional and can be added to your force in two ways. You can add them to your normal point cost, just as you would add a unit to your force, or you and your opponent can agree on a set amount of points that each may use just to add Command Cards to your lists.

Many Command Cards are hidden until they are used, so you’re never quite sure what your opponent’s battle plans are until they are revealed. While hidden, Command Cards do not affect their attached unit—a player must reveal them if they wish to gain the benefits of the card. Some Command Cards must be revealed at the start of the game; these cards are used to build your army and have the keyword 'Build'.

The Bulge: American Command Card List
  • Lucky

  • 57mm High-explosive
  • 76mm Hyper-volocity AP
  • Tank Destroyer Hyper-velocity AP
  • Outpost Guns
  • Outpost Machine-guns
  • Uparmoured Sherman (Late)
  • Uparmoured M4 Easy Eight
  • Sandbag Armour
  • M4 Easy Eight 105mm
  • Sherman Crab Mine Flail Tank Platoon
  • Sherman Crocodile Flame Tank Platoon
  • M36B1 Tank Destroyer Platoon
  • Fresh M18 Tank Destroyers
  • Improvised Turret Top Armour
  • M4 Sherman Tanks
  • M4 Sherman (Early) Calliope
  • 10.5cm Provisional Field Artillery
  • 8.8cm Provisional Field Artillery
  • Long 8.8cm Provisional Field Artillery
  • Total Air Superiority
  • Sticky Bombs
  • Glider 37mm Anti-tank Platoon
  • Tank Telephones
  • 4.2 Inch Chemical Mortars
  • 291st Engineer Combat Battalion - Damned Engineers
  • 291st Engineer Combat Battalion - Roadblock
  • 291st Engineer Combat Battalion - Bobby Traps
  • Engineer Combat Platoon
  • M24 Chaffee Cavalry Tank Company
  • M5 Stuart Cavalry Tank Company
  • Cavalry Recon Troop
  • 2000lbs Bomb Load
  • 3rd Armoured Divisions - Spearhead
  • 761st Tank Battalion Black - Panthers
  • 761st Tank Battalion Black - Mosquito Fleet
  • 2nd Infantry Division - Indian Head
  • 2nd Infantry Division - Thopson SMGs
  • 4th Infantry Division -Ivy
  • 30th Infantry Division - Old Hickory
  • 99th Infantry Division - Battle Babies
  • 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate) - Viking Battalion
  • 106th Infantry Division -Golden Lion
  • 2nd Ranger Battalion
  • 2nd Division Blindee - Chars De Combat
  • 2nd Division Blindee - Infantrerie Portee
  • 1st Division Blindee - Zouaves Portee
  • 9th Division D’infanterie Coloniale - Colonials
  • 1re Division De Marche D’infanterie - Foreign Legion
  • George S. Patton Jr.
  • Creighton Abrams
  • Audie Murphy
  • Maxwell Taylor
  • Richard Winters
  • Ronald Speirs
  • Carwood Lipton
  • Julian Cook
  • James Gavin
  • Softskin Transport
  • Amphobious Transport
  • LVT-4 Amtrac Transport