Faced with the destruction of the Socialist Workers’ Paradise, it is the duty of every Soviet citizen to commit their lives to the struggle against the Capitalist exploiters and to free the workers of Europe. The Soviet Army is a true citizen army, with every adult male trained in the latest scientific combat techniques, and the might of Soviet industry has created modern weapons in numbers sufficient to arm the population for the coming struggle.

The Soviet science of war requires that the strength of the army be concentrated at critical points to overwhelm the enemy with superior firepower, then the subsequent victory exploited with utmost speed and ruthlessness. Short-term casualties must be traded for long-term victory. 

The Soviet Union’s most powerful forces are stationed in East Germany and Czechoslovakia, poised on the border with West Germany ready to strike at a moment’s notice. They are equipped with the very best Soviet industry has to offer, from sophisticated missile firing T-80 and T-64 tanks, and powerful T-72 tanks to versatile BMP infantry fighting vehicles, as well as plentiful BTR-60 armoured personnel carriers. Supported by elite Afgansty Air Assault troops, powerful self-propelled artillery, and effective and numerous anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons, there will be little that the corrupt capitalist armies of NATO can do to stop them. Soon the western workers will be free and the dawn of a new socialist age will begin!