Fighting First

Fighting First is a captivating expansion within the Flames of War tabletop wargaming universe, focusing on the early stages of World War II.  

Fighting First introduces players to the formidable forces of the United States during the mid-war period, spanning crucial engagements from 1942 to 1943.

Centered around the American military campaigns in North Africa and the Mediterranean, Fighting First showcases the evolution of U.S. armored and infantry divisions. Players can assemble historically accurate miniatures, representing the iconic M4 Sherman tanks, M3 Lee tanks, and a diverse array of infantry, artillery, and support units that characterized the American fighting force during this pivotal phase of the war.

The expansion breathes life into significant battles such as the Allied landings in North Africa, and the Tunisian Campaign. The game's meticulous attention to detail ensures that players experience the challenges faced by the U.S. forces during these critical moments in the harsh desert terrain.

Kasserine - FWBX11

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