7th Armoured Division Army Deal - BRAB16

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Släpps 8 juni 2024Contains 8x Cromwell Tanks,2x Firefly Tanks,2x Crusader AA Self-Propelled AA,1x Motor Platoon,4x M5 Half-tracks,4x Sexton Sel-propelled G

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Artikelnummer: BRAB16
Leverantör: Battlefront Miniatures Ltd

Släpps 8 juni 2024

8x Cromwell Tanks,
2x Firefly Tanks,
2x Crusader AA Self-Propelled AA,
1x Motor Platoon,
4x M5 Half-tracks,
4x Sexton Sel-propelled Guns,
1x Sherman OP,
9x Unit Cards,
1x Command Card

Additional Exclusive Army Deal Items Include
1x Destroyed Tiger Objective,
1x Destroyed Cromwell Objective,
20x 7th Armoured Division Dice,
20 7th Armoured Division Tokens and
2x Objectives,
2x 7th Armoured Division Decal Sheets

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BRAB16, Flames of war D-Day by Battlefront, 7th Armoured Division Army Deal, 15mm