German Stowage Set 2 - 280118

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German Stowage Set 2 Product Highlights:- 2 identical sprues per box (contents as shown at back of box)- Panzerschreck, Panzerfaust, and storage crates- Ha

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Artikelnummer: 280118
Leverantör: Rubicon Models

German Stowage Set 2

 Product Highlights:

- 2 identical sprues per box (contents as shown at back of box)

- Panzerschreck, Panzerfaust, and storage crates

- Hafthohlladung, M24 stick grenade & carrying case

- Tellermine 35 and 42 with carrying case

- Various firearms including MP40, Kar98K, MG15 & DT15 magazines

- Tank C-hook with various 5t, 10t, 15t, and 20t lift jacks

- Various tools including pickaxe, wire-cutter, axes, hammers & shovel

- Various tarpaulins including camo nets and canvas rolls

- Bicycle “Truppenfahrrad” & Torn.Fu.d2 field radio set

- Various infantry webbing including water bottle, field canteens, bedroll, shovel, and knapsack

- M39 jackboots & M43 low boots

 Product Code: 280118

 Number of Parts: 72 x 2 pieces / 2 identical sprues

28mm scale, Bolt Action